Associate Pastor Chris Woodie

Good morning Church! We are into our second week of not meeting in person, but I am encouraged by the amount of viewers on Facebook and the number of visits to this website! I pray that you and your family are well, and I pray for our nations leaders, healthcare professionals, and everyone on the frontlines of the coronavirus battle. I was reminded this morning of God’s perfect will for our lives, as we go through trying times we must remember that God puts His people through trials to prepare them to execute His will. Moses, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, David and many others we study in scripture were put through troubling times to prepare them for ministry. In reading Hebrews ch.11 we see the faithful of God and how they were saved by faith! Christian keep the faith! God is at work, He is taking the Church out of our comfort zone to prepare us for great things to come! No matter how long this virus persists God has promised never to leave us or forsake us! A revival is starting, it’s time to pray, pray, and pray some more and be prepared for God to call His children to action!
I look forward to the day we can all congregate together under one roof to praise the sovereign God of creation, and the one who sacrificed His life for ours, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Continue to pray for and show love to one another and encourage each other!
In the love of Jesus our Savior, Pastor Chris

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