Pastor Marshall Young and his wife Annette, of 48 years (as of Feb. 2018), They have served Tall Pines Baptist for the last 4 years, before accepting the call to Tall Pines Baptist as Senior Pastor.
Pastor Young has worked with he S.C Baptist Convention over the years as Regional Director for Bi Vocational Pastors, also servicing the convention as  a Transitional Pastor to assist churches in Vision and Pastoral calling.    


Brother Chris Woodie Serves as Associate Pastor and  Worship Leader. 
Pictured along side Chris is his wife Sheri and their daughter Beth. Chris lives in the Goose Creek area. Beth operates the church’s Audio Visual Center, and Mrs. Sheri serves as the Sunday School Director  
Mrs Carol Neumann, Serves as  Chruch Secretary.
Tall Pines is thankful to have Mrs. Carol Serve in this roll , her Corporate background and involvement in the life of Tall Pines Baptist Church and the Screven Association will be a great benefit to Tall Pines Baptist
Mrs. Sandy Scott has been the Pianist at Tall Pines
for many years.She has a passion for Music and sharing the Talent God has given her. 
Mrs. Else Cox  has been a faithful member of Tall Pines Baptist Church for many many years, she serves Tall Pines not only as church staff, but also as  member of the Lords Kingdom work at Tall Pines. Mrs. Elsie not only keeps us straight but makes sure everything is clean and neat. We thank God for her.